Miyerkules, Pebrero 24, 2016

Safety First: Furnace Repair Jobs Best Left to HVAC Professionals

Homeowners in Eden Prairie and Edina, MN often enjoy fixing various things around the house on their own, such as nailing down a loose board or patching up a small hole in the siding. While these are some of the many projects that you can easily take care of on your own, furnace repair is not something that you should do. There are very good reasons why you should allow a professional furnace repair service, such as Air Quality Services, to handle heating repair and service. Potential Health and Safety Issues There are some aspects of a furnace repair project that could be detrimental to your health. For example, if the pilot light is out and you do not know how to re-light it, you could cause a fire. If there is a gas leak in the line, this could result in an explosion or fire in the house.

Martes, Pebrero 23, 2016

Spend Some Time on AC Maintenance to Save Time and Money on AC Repairs

Air conditioning repair is a necessary fact of life for those living in Eden Prairie and Edina, MN. If you have recently had a respected heating and cooling company, such as Air Quality Services, perform air conditioning repair, it is only natural for you to want your unit to last as long as possible before it needs more repair work. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can prolong the service life of your AC unit. Changing Your Air Conditioning Filters As far as the efficiency of your air conditioner goes, nothing kills it faster than a dirty air filter. You should make it a regular habit to take out the old one and install a new filter every month during the cooling season for both window mounted units and central air conditioning systems. If you have washable air filters, then hose them down and clean them up well once a month.

Lunes, Pebrero 22, 2016

Safety Benefits of a Preventive Checkup for Your Home's Heating System

As cold winter settles into Minnesota, you will likely have a checklist of things to do around your home and property to get ready. At the top of your list should be a checkup for your furnace with a respected heating and cooling company that services Edina and Eden Prairie such as Air Quality Services. A checkup of your home's heating system not only ensures that it is delivering the heat that you need for a comfortable home, but the service call also makes sure that there are no safety problems with your furnace and other heating equipment. Carbon Monoxide Checks One of the most important steps in heating maintenance and safety is to check for carbon monoxide. A furnace that is not burning gas properly may produce carbon monoxide. A blockage in the furnace's venting equipment may also cause carbon monoxide to leak into your living spaces.